Md Bodrul Alom

“The service is really excellent and the staff are friendly. They are good at problem solving and always try their best to help people.” I would rate this as A+!

Namrita K Mhate

“The Computer Learning Centre is a very good centre, the staff are very helpful, friendly, with good communication skills. They give you all the information about the exam, and explained everything. They were very encouraging throughout my experience. I am very happy that I came here to take this exam. Thank you so much for your help and support.”

Deepmala Kanojiya

“I was quite stressed about my B1 but the staff of this centre made me feel very positive and relaxed about it. This really enhanced my confidence which helped me to perform better in my test. The customer service is excellent; the staff is always helpful, supportive and make you feel comfortable.”

Simone Haigh

“It was an absolute pleasure doing my English grade 5 test atcomputer learning centre in Hounslow. The staff were friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable before and after my test. I would highly recommend this centre.”

Kevin Haigh

“Doing my English exams at this centre in Hounslow was an excellent experience. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly, making it a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this test centre.”

Mubayi Family

“It was a great experience to do a take English exams at this centre. The environment at the centre is friendly and creates a good tension and atmosphere to people who are at the facility. The members of staff received us warmly and with care, they were also helpful and friendly and we would recommend the centre to others.”

Jatin Sood

"5* service, great staff, great environment, very professional. Would recommend every time."

Rajdeep Kaur 

"I have passed my B1 exam here and want to say that the staff here at the centre are very helpful and offer a great service! Thanks so much"

Yasmin Alhaan 

"I feel very happy that I have passed! I was very nervous but I was made very comfortable and received lots of support from the staff at this centre."