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ESOL With Citizenship

With the new Home Office regulations in place effective from the 28th of October 2013, it has been deemed necessary for all applicants for naturalisation (Citizenship) and settlement (ILR) to meet two requirements.

First, the applicant is required to pass the Life in the UK test and secondly, the applicant needs to have a Speaking and Listening qualification in English at B1 (ESOL Entry 3 speaking & listening) . The challenge is looking for the right place where you can meet both the requirements. We at Computer learning Centre, have the appropriate resources and the knowledge necessary to meet your citizenship needs effectively.

Apart from being a Home Office approved Life in the UK test centre, we also run B1 examinations at our centre. We provide free initial assessments to see if your English is of the required ESOL Entry 3 speaking & listening (B1) level. The nationally-developed initial assessment serves as a benchmark and helps give an accurate picture of the candidate’s level. If the candidate meets the required level, he/she may sit for the B1 test. Successful students will receive the approved B1 certificate according to requirements of UK Border Agency/Home Office. Our centre is accredited by BAC and we are approved as an ESOL test centre by Trinity College London which is further recognised by the UK Border Agency.

Our trained and highly professional CELTA qualified tutors are at hand to guide you through the Speaking and listening assessments.

Please contact us to book an appointment for a free initial assessment by visiting the centre in person or by telephoning the Centre on 020 8570 5090. You will be required to bring your passport and proof of address for the initial assessment.

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